Fine Lines' Body Products

Fine Lines offers products used in our services, so you can continue using the same lines at home to maintain your treatments between visits. 

We trial all products to measure their quality, results, safety and value before using them in our salon or placing them on our retail shelves.


Sunless Tanning

Caribbean Summer - Tan Building Moisturising Foam

The easiest way to revitalize and rehydrate the skin and produce a stunning, natural looking tan that can last for up to 7 days.
Caribbean Summer is 100% all natural and so easy to use. Exfoliate your body, then gently massage the foam into your skin until it's absorbed. You can see the colour as you apply to ensure an even coverage.
Non-greasy, no strong odour, dries quickly and fades out evenly and best of all, no more messy over-spray from home use spray tans.
Use Caribbean Summer once or twice a week to maintain a beautiful glow and use a regular body moisturise all other days.

Body Exfoliation

Exfoliating Glove - Riffi Mitt

The best body exfoliation ever!
Riffi massage mitts are made from a fibre which is hygienic, hypoallergenic and kind to your skin. The unique fibres are durable and long lasting. The main benefit of the mitt is a dual effect through pore cleansing and gentle massage combined in the one product.
Regular exfoliation and masage with the mitt helps to combat the appearance of cellulite and leaves the skin feeling smooth, taut and clear as well as stimulating circulation.
Ideal after waxing to prevent ingrown hair, perfect for use prior to spray tanning and to remove the last of a tan reaching the end of its life.
Use in the shower 1 to 2 times a week and gentlly rub in circular motions, all over your body. Always moisturise after exfoliating.

Exfoliating Body Scrub - Sugar Scrub

A luxurious spa-quality, oil-free sugar scrub for the entire body.
This premium formula gently exfoliates and moisturises at the same time and boosts your circulation, without leaving an oily, sticky or gritty residue.
These multifunctional, water-soluble scrubs rinse off completely and never clog drains, baths or spa jets.
Excellent to help dislodge ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving.
Use 1 to 2 times a week in the shower or while having a relaxing bath.
Always moisturise after using a scrub.

Body Moisturising

Daily Moisturising Lotion

The perfect way to leave the skin soft, hydrated and refreshed, with no greasy residue.
Contains natural emollients, botanical extracts and vitamins, to provide a superior moisturising result.
This light lotion glides on easily and gives long lasting results. 
Absorbs quickly, promoting silky soft, toned and healthy looking skin and defends against free radical damage.
Perfect for after sun care and helps to maintain your tan so it lasts longer.
Suitable for all skin types, all ages and for women and men.

Shimmer Lotion with a hint of colour

Enhance your skins natural beauty by infusing shimmery light reflectors as well as adding a hint of colour. 
Dramatically rehydrates the skin with no greasy after feel and absorbs immediately to soften and deeply moisturise.
Contains Melanogen to naturally accelerate colour and protect the skin, creating a natural glow and adds a shimmer to your skin which is ideal for a night out, a special occasion or while you're away on holidays.

Body Prevent and Correct Treatments

Red Alert Body
Professional Strength Anti-Redness Formula

Visibly reduces the appearance of thread veins and has a brightening effect on the skin. 

Lipomelt Forte
Professional Strength Anti-cellulite Formula with Coenzyme A

Reduces cellulite by 15%, reduces orange peel by up to 80% and has a dramatic slimming and firming effect.

Brands we use and recommend:

Body Brands

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